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Finally, you can make your online videos interactive as a WEBDVD

What is WebDVD?

This is the revolution when using online videos! WEBDVD is the opportunity to make all of your videos navigable and usable for the user. Finally, you can enhance your existing videos with chapter and sub-chapter, easily and intuitively. WEBDVD makes your videos to an interactive online DVD.

Who will enjoy WebDVD?

WEBDVD is the solution for long duration Youtube videos with detailed information. For example: tutorials, webinars, presentations, productreviews, instruduction manuals and many more...

Where do you use WebDVD?

All-in one solution!

Embed your own created WEBDVD easily, like a Youtube video, in your website. Your visitor will see the Youtube video, combined with WEBDVD functionality.

You can even use WEBDVD in Youtube. Paste the generated WebApp Link into the filmdescription or more elegant, suggest your WEBDVD with a Youtube infocard.

The tedious creation of a contentlist in the filmdescription becomes no longer necessary!

How do you create a WebDVD?

  1. Register on WEBDVD
  2. Connect to your Youtube or Vimeo account with WEBDVD manager an select your videos.
  3. Edit your WEBDVD and generate an Embed- or WebApp-Link

WebDVD applications


Under construction


Under construction

Instruction manuals

Your product is great. The operation is thought-out well.
Show how it works! As long as you want, as detailed as you want.
On Youtube - with WEBDVD
Fast | Cool | Easy

Do It Yourself - Videos

You are an expert on your subject? You have the know-how?
It's your mission to help others. Show everyone how it works.
On Youtube - with WEBDVD
Fast | Cool | Easy


...and many more!


Responsive Design!

WEBDVD is specially adapted for any device, so you can use ist everywhere.

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